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Consumers have rejected Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). The hormone is still legal, but it's so unpopular among consumers that more and more mainstream dairy companies are going rBGH-free. And Monsanto is a sore loser.

Recently, Monsanto has begun a new effort. Or, rather, renewed an old effort. They do not want dairy producers to label their products "rBGH-free." They tried suing over this a while back, but the judicial branch did not come through for them. Now they are going around the country trying one state at a time to see if either the legislative or executive branches will give them what they want.

First, they went to Pennsylvania, where PA Secretary of Agriculture Dennis Wolff banned rBGH-free labels on their behalf. On his side was the Pennsylvania Food Labeling Advisory Committee - which included a "consumer advocate" who was actually a lobbyist. After tens of thousands of letters opposing the ban flooded the governor's office, Gov. Rendell overturned the ban.

Next up were New Jersey and Ohio. New Jersey rejected Monsanto's label ban quickly, but Ohio was a different story. For example, take a look at this Ohio State University Dairy Management Specialist claiming that only crazy fringe groups oppose biotechnology. Like in Pennsylvania, Monsanto made sure to have a former Monsanto employee represent their side while posing as a "consumer advocate." Again, consumers responded with a flood of letters and emails.

Other states where Monsanto has or currently is trying to push their label ban include Indiana, Utah, Kansas, and Missouri (as of March 21, 2008).

Recipe for America opposes banning rBGH-free labels and would like to see all dairy products from cows treated with rBGH labeled as such. You can take action by writing to Kansas State Senators, Richard Clark in Utah, or Missouri State Representatives. Stay tuned as this issue unfolds in more states.


More information

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AFACT: A Bullshit Monsanto-Sponsored Astroturf Group (organization) "American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology"
Food and Water Watch (organization) Stay informed by signing up for Food & Water Watch's alerts.
Physicians for Social Responsibility, Oregon Chapter (organization) PSR is active in the campaign to preserve rBGH-free labels across the country.

Take action

Missouri Action Alert by the Center for Food Safety (web site) March 2008. Missouri residents only, please.
Missouri Action Alert from Food and Water Watch (web site) March 2008. Missouri residents only, please.
Ohio Action Alert by Food and Water Watch (web site) Ohio residents only, please. March 2008.
Ohio Action Alert from CREDO (web site) For Ohio residents only please. March 2008.

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